Netzturbine is a Projekt of:
arnd_160_200 Arnd Heitmeier – paranoid Linux Admin – geek + nerd – whitehat

reasons I blog:
– coz it is an easy way to communicate
– coz I travel the blogosphaere since some time intensively and want to show it to others
– coz I don’t want to tell different people always the same about computer(security)topics
– coz the net of nets is everywhere, and I am able to participate via the blogging
– coz I am able to have a eine public opinion as a citizen in a free state
– coz I am don’t want to write the same links on sheets of paper or in emails anymore
– coz I like to blog

blogging topics:
– linux machines and opensource.
– macosx freeware and gadgets
– the internet (specialedition hi mum ;-))
– internetsecurity